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Ability to pay the cost of care shall be determined when the client is admitted, when there is a change in the person's financial status, when a client, responsible relative, guardian, conservator, or representative payee reports a change in the financial status used in determining ability to pay, when the client has been hospitalized for 120 days or more, when the client is being discharged, and when the responsible relative's financial status has not been reviewed for one year.

Within the six-year period after the date of a client's discharge from the facility, the department from time to time may, and upon request of the client shall, reevaluate the client's ability to pay any balance of the charge for cost of care.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 246.01; 246.23; 246.50 to 246.55


10 SR 1589; 12 SR 2252; 16 SR 1797

Published Electronically:

February 2, 2005