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The commissioner of human services is hereby specifically constituted the guardian of all persons with developmental disabilities, the guardianship of whom has heretofore been vested in the State Board of Control or in the director of social welfare whether by operation of law or by an order of court without any further act or proceeding, and all the powers and duties vested in or imposed upon the State Board of Control or the director of social welfare, with reference to mental testing of persons with developmental disability, and with reference to the institutions of the state of Minnesota except correctional facilities administered and managed by the commissioner of corrections, are hereby transferred to, vested in, and imposed upon the commissioner of human services, and in relation thereto is hereby charged with and shall have the exclusive power of administration and management of all of the following state institutions: state hospitals for persons with developmental disability, mental illness, or substance use disorder. The commissioner shall have power and authority to determine all matters relating to the unified and continuous development of all of the foregoing institutions and of such other institutions, the supervision of which may, from time to time, be vested in the commissioner. It is intended that there be vested in the commissioner all of the powers, functions, and authority heretofore vested in the State Board of Control relative to such state institutions. The commissioner shall have the power and authority to accept, in behalf of the state, contributions and gifts of money and personal property for the use and benefit of the residents of the public institutions under the commissioner's control, and all money and securities so received shall be deposited in the state treasury subject to the order of the commissioner of human services. If the gift or contribution is designated by the donor for a certain institution or purpose, the commissioner of human services shall expend or use the same as nearly as may be in accordance with the conditions of the gift or contribution, compatible with the best interests of the inmates and the state. The commissioner of human services is hereby constituted the "state agency" as defined by the Social Security Act of the United States and the laws of this state for all purposes relating to mental health and mental hygiene.

For the purpose of carrying out these duties, the commissioner of human services shall accept from wards with developmental disabilities for whom the commissioner is specifically appointed guardian a signed application for consent to the marriage of said ward. Upon receipt of such application the commissioner shall promptly conduct such investigation as the commissioner deems proper and determine if the contemplated marriage is for the best interest of the ward and the public. A signed copy of the commissioner's determination shall be mailed to the ward and to the court administrator of the district court of the county where the application for such marriage license was made.

There is hereby appropriated to such persons or institutions as are entitled to such sums as are provided for in this section, from the fund or account in the state treasury to which the money was credited, an amount sufficient to make such payment.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes