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Subpart 1.


Application for a certificate of compliance or for renewal of an existing certificate of compliance must be made on forms provided by the commissioner. Application forms for certificates of compliance may be obtained from the Department of Transportation. Applications must be delivered or mailed to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Subp. 2.

Required information.

Applicants shall submit the following information to the commissioner:


a provider application form containing the following information:


whether the application is new or a renewal;


the applicant's name; the name of the business, including any assumed name filed with the secretary of state as provided in Minnesota Statutes, sections 333.01 to 333.06; the type of business entity; the business address; the telephone and facsimile (fax) numbers; and the Internet e-mail address;


whether the passengers served are elderly or disabled;


for each vehicle used:


make, year, vehicle identification number (VIN), and license plate number of the vehicle;


seating capacity and manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating; and


whether the vehicle is equipped with an approved wheelchair securement device and the number of wheelchair securement positions for each vehicle;


the name and telephone number, including each cellular telephone number, of the person who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the proposed provider's special transportation service;


the name and address of each driver, stating whether each complies with the standards in parts 8840.5100 to 8840.6300;


the names of corporate directors and officers, general partners and limited partners, limited liability company board members, or owners of the applicant's business;


whether the applicant or any of the applicant's corporate directors or officers, general and limited partners, limited liability company board members, or owners of the applicant's business have had a certificate of compliance suspended, denied, canceled, or revoked during the preceding year and, if so, the certificate number of the applicable certificate;


if the applicant is not a Minnesota corporation, but is authorized to transact business in Minnesota, the name and address of its registered agent; and


the location in Minnesota where the records required by part 8840.6100 will be available for inspection and copying; and


the following documentation, if not previously filed with the commissioner:


evidence of insurance coverage on the provider's vehicle in the amount specified in part 8840.6000 on a form E, "Uniform Motor Carrier Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Certificate of Insurance" under Code of Federal Regulations, title 49, part 1023, Appendix (1992), which is incorporated by reference except for the last paragraph of Form E; and


a statement showing compliance with the workers' compensation requirements under Minnesota Statutes, section 176.181, subdivision 2.

Subp. 2a.

Signature required.

The application must be signed by a corporate officer, general partner, limited liability company board member, or sole proprietor verifying that the information on the application is true. In lieu of a required document completed on paper, the commissioner may accept an electronically transmitted document authenticated by an electronic signature.

Subp. 3.

[Repealed, 28 SR 1578]

Subp. 4.

[Repealed, 28 SR 1578]

Subp. 5.

Information on certificate.

When a certificate is granted, the commissioner shall issue to the provider a numbered certificate of compliance that shows the month and year in which the certification expires.

Subp. 6.


The commissioner shall maintain a record of all certificates of compliance showing the date issued, renewed, suspended, or revoked.

Subp. 7.

Keeping application information current.

An applicant or provider shall notify the commissioner in writing of any change in its application information within ten days of the change.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 174.30


17 SR 634; 28 SR 1578; L 2005 c 56 s 2

Published Electronically:

October 11, 2007

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes