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Subpart 1.

Before January 1, 1986.

A vehicle scale installed before January 1, 1986, must have at least 12 feet or a distance equal to one-third of the deck length, whichever is greater, of straight hard surface driveway on either end of the scale not over one-third inch per foot out of level of the platform. The first six feet on both ends must be constructed of reinforced concrete.

Subp. 2.

After December 31, 1985.

For a vehicle or livestock scale installed after December 31, 1985, each end of the scale must have a straight, paved approach that meets the following requirements:


Approaches must be at least as wide as the scale platform and at least ten feet long or one-third of the scale platform length, whichever is greater.


The first ten feet of each approach must be a reinforced concrete approach panel, one end of which rests on an extension of the scale foundation end wall. The remaining length of each approach must be paved with concrete or asphalt.


Approaches must be sloped down from the scale platform. Maximum slope allowed is one-third inch per foot. Approaches must not be sloped up from the scale platform.


For aboveground scales, the foundation end walls must have wing wall extensions, or the sides of the approach slopes must be paved, so that fill material cannot fall under the scale platform.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 239.06


20 SR 1928

Published Electronically:

October 2, 2007