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7035.2665 SCOPE.

Parts 7035.2685 to 7035.2805 apply to owners and operators of:


mixed municipal solid waste land disposal facilities;


municipal solid waste combustor ash land disposal facilities; and


the following facilities that received an initial permit after January 1, 2011: an industrial waste land disposal facility and a demolition debris land disposal facility, except those solid waste land disposal facilities that accept only demolition and construction debris and incidental nonrecyclable packaging and certain industrial wastes limited to wood, concrete, porcelain fixtures, shingles, or window glass resulting from the manufacture of building materials.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 115.03; 115A.97; 116.07


13 SR 1150; 16 SR 2321; 36 SR 1352

Published Electronically:

May 25, 2012