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Subpart 1.

Applying for program approval.

Individuals, groups, or organizations wishing to sponsor educational seminars, institutes, workshops, or home study programs shall submit the following, in writing, to the board to obtain review and approval for clock hours of CE credit for licensees to use in meeting continuing education requirements for license renewal:


date, time, and location of presentation;


presentation content, showing specific time periods, topic titles, and speakers including their professional qualifications;


number of clock hours requested to be approved;


a statement indicating the sponsor's willingness to maintain a means of verifying attendance and provide each attendee a certificate of attendance or other appropriate means of attesting to the number of clock hours actually attended by each attendee;


for home study programs, evidence of a testing process to measure the participant's attainment of knowledge and information provided in study materials; and


a fee under part 6400.6970 based on the number of clock hours requested to be reviewed and approved.

Subp. 2.

Licensee sponsored programs and courses.

A licensed administrator who attends a seminar, institute, or workshop, or participates in a home study course which has not been reviewed and approved by the board for a sponsor, may serve as the sponsor of a program and obtain review of the program and assignment of clock hours by submitting to the board office:


a copy of the seminar program or other document identifying the program content and other information required of program sponsors under subpart 1, items A to C; and


a fee in the same amount as would be charged to a sponsor under part 6400.6970, based on the total number of clock hours requested to be reviewed and approved.

Subp. 3.

Review of sponsor requests.

The board shall review sponsor requests and approve CE credit clock hours for programs with acceptable content, qualified presenters, and acceptable means of verifying attendance or measuring knowledge attainment under subpart 1 and part 6400.6800, subpart 4, and notify the requesting sponsor of the decision.

Subp. 4.

Designation of registered continuing education sponsors.

An organization which annually sponsors many educational seminars, institutes, workshops, or home study courses, may request designation by the board as a registered continuing education sponsor on an annual basis beginning May 1 and ending April 30. Registered continuing education sponsors may assign CE credit clock hours to their own program offerings applying the provisions of this chapter. The board shall review and approve requests for designation and authority as a registered continuing education sponsor provided the requesting agency meets the following requirements:


the sponsor is a regionally accredited university or college or division thereof or a state or national membership organization in the field of health care;


the sponsor has been a proven sponsor of continuing education programs acceptable to the board under subpart 3, for the two years preceding the request to be named a registered sponsor;


the sponsor has complied fully with the board's criteria for sponsors of continuing education programming;


the sponsor has made application on forms prescribed by the board and paid a nonrefundable filing fee of ten percent of the registered continuing education sponsor fee as specified in part 6400.6970;


the sponsor has signed an agreement to comply with the rules of the board in assigning clock hours to continuing education programs, providing certificates of attendance to participants, and providing the board with pertinent information concerning sponsored programs; and


the sponsor has paid the balance of the registered sponsor fee specified in part 6400.6970 within 30 days of notification by the board of approval of the organization as a registered continuing education sponsor.

Subp. 5.

Performance review of registered sponsors.

The board shall review performance of registered sponsors annually upon the sponsor's request to renew the one-year sponsor agreement with the board or more frequently if determined necessary in the judgment of the board and may remove registered sponsor status from an organization upon 30 days' notice if the sponsor has been found to violate the terms of the agreement with the board.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 16A.1285; 144A.21; 144A.24; 214.06


21 SR 1564

Published Electronically:

June 11, 2008