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Every ECP shall file an annual report with the commissioner on or before April 15. Except as otherwise provided by this part, the report shall be on forms prescribed by the commissioner and shall include all of the following information:


verification of tax exempt status under Internal Revenue Code, section 501(c)(3), and Minnesota Statutes, chapter 317A, if appropriate;


a copy of the sliding fee schedule currently in effect, if appropriate;


transportation options currently available to clients, if appropriate;


child care options currently available to clients, if appropriate;


linguistic service options currently available to clients, if appropriate;


culturally sensitive and competent services currently available to clients, if appropriate;


medical services currently being provided reported by CPT 95 codes or groups of CPT 95 codes;


the number of clients served during the previous 12 months who were uninsured, members of high risk and special needs populations, and members of underserved and other special needs populations; and


any other information requested by the commissioner that is reasonably necessary to determine whether the entity continues to qualify for ECP designation.

An ECP that is a community health board as defined in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 145A, may attach a copy of the documentation provided to the Department of Health in the annual report for community health boards, including the maternal child health report, that provides the information required under one or more of items A to I. The ECP must indicate in the ECP annual report that the community health board annual report is being submitted in full or partial satisfaction of the requirements of this part.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 62Q.19


21 SR 6

Published Electronically:

September 26, 1997

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes