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Penalty assessments for violations of parts 4665.4200 to 4665.4600 are as follows:


part 4665.4200, $500;


part 4665.4300, $350;


part 4665.4400, $300;


part 4665.4500, $350;


that portion of part 4665.4600 that states:

"If authorized by the attending physician or the resident's physician, medications belonging to residents shall be given to them when discharged or transferred. This shall be recorded in the resident's health record.", $300;


that portion of part 4665.4600 that states:

"Unused portions of controlled substances shall be handled by contacting the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy, which will furnish the necessary instructions and appropriate forms, a copy of which shall be kept on file in the facility for two years. Any other unused portions of prescription drugs remaining in the facility after the death or discharge of the resident for whom they were prescribed, or any prescriptions discontinued permanently, shall be destroyed by the licensee or designee by flushing them into the sewer system and removing and destroying the labels from the containers.", $100; and


that portion of part 4665.4600 that states:

"A notation of such destruction giving date, quantity, name of medication, and prescription number shall be recorded on the resident's chart. Such destruction shall be witnessed and the notation signed by both persons.", $50.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 144.653


17 SR 6

Published Electronically:

October 11, 2007