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Subpart 1.



The board must issue Minnesota licenses to persons who otherwise meet applicable statutory requirements and the requirements of this part. The board must issue licenses only in licensure fields for which the board has rules governing licensure programs. Persons prepared in other states must present their credentials to the board for approval. The board has jurisdiction on all matters concerning administrative licensure.


The board must issue an initial license to persons who complete administrative preparation programs in colleges and universities within states outside Minnesota when the following criteria are met:


the college or university where the preparatory program is completed is a regionally accredited institution, as defined by part 3512.0100, subpart 6a;


the program the applicant completed is recognized by the state where it is located as qualifying the applicant for employment or licensure as a school superintendent, principal, or director within that state;


the program the applicant completed is equivalent in credits and substantially equivalent in content to board-approved programs under board rules governing the licensure field, including preparation in the core competencies established in part 3512.0510. For superintendents, principals, and directors of special education, credit equivalency includes completion of a specialist or doctoral program consisting of a minimum of 60 semester credits or a program consisting of 60 semester credits beyond a bachelor's degree, including a master's degree. To determine content equivalency, the board may consult with board-approved preparation programs; and


the college or university offering the program verifies the applicant completed the administrative preparation program at that institution and recommends the applicant for a license if licensure is required by the state where the institution is located.

Subp. 2.

[Repealed, 44 SR 1385]

Subp. 3.

Field experience equivalency.

A licensure candidate may substitute one year of full-time experience as a superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal, assistant principal, or director of special education in another state for the field experience required by part 3512.0400, subpart 1.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 122A.14; 125.05; L 1993 c 224 art 12 s 34; L 1996 c 412 art 9 s 14; L 2006 c 263 art 2 s 20


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Published Electronically:

June 25, 2020

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes