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The school owner must appoint a designated school manager (DSM) and register with the board using forms supplied by the board. The DSM and the school owner are responsible for ensuring that the school, instructors, and students attending courses are in compliance with this chapter and Minnesota Statutes, chapter 155A.


A DSM must acknowledge the responsibility of the position in writing to the board.


A DSM must not be responsible for more than one school.


A school manager who is no longer serving as the DSM must notify the board in writing via email or mail, and is liable under Minnesota Statutes, section 155A.33, for the compliance of the salon and licensees until the written notice is received by the board.


The DSM is not required to be present at all times during the school's operation, but remains responsible for compliance under this chapter and Minnesota Statutes, chapter 155A, even when not present at the school.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 155A.23; 155A.26; 155A.27; 155A.29; 155A.30


41 SR 305

Published Electronically:

January 30, 2024

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes