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2110.0630 INSTRUCTORS.


There must be at least two licensed instructors on the school premises whenever students are present; and the school must maintain a minimum ratio of one instructor for each 1 to 20 students present each day. All students must be under the supervision of an instructor at all times when in a classroom or clinic and whenever the student is performing cosmetology services on the school's premises.


A school may use unlicensed instructors who hold a salon manager license as substitutes for licensed instructors for no more than 30 full or partial calendar days in 12 consecutive months. Whenever an unlicensed substitute instructor is present, at least one licensed instructor must be on the school premises. When these conditions are met, the substitute instructor is considered an instructor for the instructor quota.


The DSM must notify the board each day that an unlicensed substitute instructor is present by e-mailing the board with "substitute instructor" in the subject line. The e-mail must contain the substitute's name, the name of the absent instructor, the dates the substitute will be working, and the name and license number of the supervising instructor, and the number of days in the past 12 months that a substitute has been used.


The DSM must e-mail the board by the end of the day each day the school fails to meet the required instructor quota, with "instructor quota failure" and the school name in the subject line. The e-mail must contain the names and license numbers of the absent instructors, and the names and license numbers of the instructors present.


If a school is not in compliance with item A, the board must notify the school that it will not accept hours accrued by students during the period of noncompliance. The school must notify the students in writing of the board's decision and provide the board a copy of the required notification to each student that the hours accumulated during the period of noncompliance will not be accepted by the board.


Instructors must devote the entire instructional time scheduled to training and must not have any additional noninstructional duties or responsibilities during class or clinical time.


Schools must maintain instructor payroll and time records showing hours worked each day for each pay period for three consecutive calendar years.


Instructors are restricted to instruction in the area of their practitioner license and may not instruct in other disciplines.


All instructors must wear identification badges at all times stating their name and "Instructor." These badges must be at least two inches by one inch.

Statutory Authority:

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Published Electronically:

October 8, 2018

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes