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Subdivision 1.Form and issuance.

(a) The commissioner may issue a duplicate certificate of title under this section. The duplicate certificate of title must be a certified copy plainly marked "duplicate" across its face and must contain the legend: "This duplicate certificate of title may be subject to the rights of a person under the original certificate." It must be mailed to the owner. The commissioner shall indicate in the department records that a duplicate has been issued.

(b) As a condition to issuing a duplicate certificate of title, the commissioner may require a bond from the applicant in the manner and form prescribed in section 86B.830, subdivision 4, paragraph (b).

Subd. 2.

[Repealed, 2011 c 107 s 108]

Subd. 3.Loss of original certificate.

If a certificate of title is lost, stolen, or destroyed, the owner or legal representative of the owner named in the certificate may obtain a duplicate by applying to the commissioner, furnishing information the commissioner requires concerning the original certificate, and the circumstances of its loss or destruction.

Subd. 4.Mutilated or illegible certificate.

If an original certificate of title is mutilated or rendered illegible, the person in possession of the title must return it to the commissioner with the application for a duplicate.

Subd. 5.Recovery of lost or stolen certificate.

If a lost or stolen certificate of title for which a duplicate has been issued is recovered, the lost or stolen certificate of title must be surrendered promptly to the commissioner for cancellation.

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