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Subdivision 1.Voluntary transfer.

(a) An owner who transfers a titled watercraft must execute the assignment and warranty of title to the person to whom the watercraft is transferred in the space provided on the certificate of title where the watercraft is delivered.

(b) The person acquiring the watercraft must obtain a new certificate of title by applying to the commissioner or a deputy registrar on a form prescribed by the commissioner, and submitting the required fee. The application for certificate of title must be filed within 15 days after delivery of the watercraft to the person acquiring the watercraft.

(c) Upon request of the owner or the person who acquired the watercraft, a secured party in possession of the certificate of title must deliver the certificate to the person acquiring the watercraft, the commissioner, or a deputy registrar, unless the transfer is a breach of the security agreement. The delivery of the certificate does not affect the rights of the secured party under the security agreement.

(d) If a security interest or encumbrance is first created at the time of transfer of ownership, the certificate must be retained by or delivered to the secured party.

Subd. 2.Transfer by law.

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, if the ownership of a titled watercraft is transferred by operation of law, including inheritance or bequest, order in bankruptcy, insolvency, replevin, execution, sale, or satisfaction of mechanic's lien, or repossession upon default in performance of the terms of a security agreement, the person acquiring the watercraft by operation of law must promptly submit the last certificate of title, if available, or the manufacturer's or importer's certificate or other satisfactory proof of the transfer of ownership to the commissioner or deputy registrar with the application for a new certificate of title and the required fee.

(b) If a secured party acquires a titled watercraft under the terms of a security agreement or by operation of law, the secured party must promptly submit to the commissioner, a deputy registrar, or the person acquiring the watercraft from the secured party the last certificate of title, if available, an application for a new certificate of title with the required fee, and an affidavit by the secured party or an authorized representative stating the facts entitling the secured party to possession and ownership of the watercraft, including a copy of the journal entry, court order, or instrument upon which the claim of possession and ownership is founded. If the secured party cannot produce the required proof of ownership, the secured party may submit other evidence with the application and the commissioner may issue a new certificate of title if the evidence provides satisfactory proof of ownership.

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