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In addition to the powers granted in section 79.35, the reinsurance association may do the following:

(1) sue and be sued. A judgment against the reinsurance association shall not create any direct liability against the individual members of the reinsurance association. The reinsurance association shall provide in the plan of operation for the indemnification, to the extent provided in the plan of operation, of the members, members of the board of directors of the reinsurance association, and officers, employees and other persons lawfully acting on behalf of the reinsurance association;

(2) reinsure all or any portion of its potential liability, including potential liability in excess of the prefunded limit, with reinsurers licensed to transact insurance in this state or otherwise approved by the commissioner of labor and industry;

(3) provide for appropriate housing, equipment, and personnel as may be necessary to assure the efficient operation of the reinsurance association;

(4) contract for goods and services, including but not limited to independent claims management, actuarial, investment, and legal services from others within or without this state to assure the efficient operation of the reinsurance association;

(5) adopt operating rules, consistent with the plan of operation, for the administration of the reinsurance association, enforce those operating rules, and delegate authority as necessary to assure the proper administration and operation of the reinsurance association;

(6) intervene in or prosecute at any time, including but not limited to intervention or prosecution as subrogee to the member's rights in a third-party action, any proceeding under this chapter or chapter 176 in which liability of the reinsurance association may, in the opinion of the board of directors of the reinsurance association or its designee, be established, or the reinsurance association affected in any other way;

(7) the net proceeds derived from intervention or prosecution of any subrogation interest, or other recovery, shall first be used to reimburse the reinsurance association for amounts paid or payable pursuant to this chapter, together with any expenses of recovery, including attorney's fees, and any excess shall be paid to the member or other person entitled thereto, as determined by the board of directors of the reinsurance association, unless otherwise ordered by a court;

(8) hear and determine complaints of a company or other interested party concerning the operation of the reinsurance association; and

(9) perform other acts not specifically enumerated in this section which are necessary or proper to accomplish the purposes of the reinsurance association and which are not inconsistent with sections 79.34 to 79.40 or the plan of operation.

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