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Minnesota Legislature

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Subdivision 1.Application of other insurance laws.

(a) A prepaid limited health service organization organized under the laws of this state is deemed to be a domestic insurer for purposes of chapter 60D unless specifically exempted in writing from one or more of the provisions of that chapter by the commissioner, based upon a determination that the provision is not applicable to the organization or to providing coverage under Medicare Part D.

(b) No other provision of chapters 60 to 72C applies to a prepaid limited health service organization unless such an organization is specifically mentioned in the provision.

Subd. 2.Not a healing art.

The provision of limited health services by a prepaid limited health service organization or other entity under sections 62A.451 to 62A.4528 must not be deemed to be the practice of medicine or other healing arts.

Subd. 3.Solicitation and advertising.

Solicitation to arrange for or provide limited health services in accordance with sections 62A.451 to 62A.4528 shall not be construed to violate any provision of law relating to solicitation or advertising by health professionals.