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Any domestic assessment, health or accident association now licensed to do business in this state, which confines its membership to commercial travelers, professionals, and others whose occupation is of such character as to be ordinarily classified as no more hazardous than commercial travelers, and which does not pay any other commissions or compensations, other than prizes to members of nominal value in proportion to the membership fees charged for securing new members, may issue certificates of membership, which, with the application of the member and the bylaws of the association, shall constitute the contract between the association and the member. A printed copy of the bylaws and a copy of the application shall be attached to the membership certificate when issued, and a copy of any amendment to the bylaws shall be mailed to the members following their adoption. Certified copies of certificate, bylaws and amendments shall be filed with the commissioner of commerce and subject to the commissioner's approval. The bylaws shall conform to the requirements of this chapter, so far as applicable, and wherever the word "policy" appears in this chapter, it shall, for the purpose of this section, be construed to mean the contract as herein defined.