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A creditor who has a debt, demand, or judgment against a copartnership, or several joint obligors, promisors, or debtors, may discharge one or more of such copartners, obligors, promisors, or debtors, without impairing the creditor's right to recover the residue of the debt or demand against the others, or preventing the enforcement of the proportionate share of any undischarged under such judgment. The discharge shall have the effect of a payment by the party discharged of the party's equal share of the debt, according to the number of debtors, aside from sureties. Such discharge shall not affect the liability of such copartners, obligors, promisors, or debtors to each other. In an action by the creditor to recover against those not discharged, the complaint shall set forth that the contract was made with the defendants and the party discharged, and that such party has been discharged.


(9412) RL s 4283; 1986 c 444

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes