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Subdivision 1.Summary; in daily or weekly.

The county board shall have the official proceedings of its sessions published in a qualified newspaper of general circulation in the county. The publication shall be let annually by contract to the lowest bidder, at the first regular session of the board in January each year. If the county board determines that publication of a summary of the proceedings would adequately inform the public of the substance of the proceedings, the county board may direct that only a summary be published, conforming to the requirements of section 331A.01, subdivision 10. In each county whose population exceeds 600,000, the proceedings shall be published in a daily newspaper. The board may reject any offer if, in its judgment, the public interests require, and may then designate a newspaper without regard to any rejected offer. In any county whose population exceeds 50,000, and is less than 250,000, the proceedings may be published in one daily and one weekly newspaper at the county seat. If the official newspaper of the county ceases to exist for any reason except consolidation with another newspaper, the county board may designate another newspaper for the remainder of the year. The publication shall occur within 30 days of the meeting to which the proceedings relate.

Subd. 2.Small claims totaled.

Individualized itemized accounts, claims or demands allowed by the county board pursuant to section 471.38, subdivision 1, need not be published pursuant to subdivision 1, if the amount allowed from each claim is $2,000 or less. The official proceedings following the itemization of accounts required shall contain a statement showing the total number of claims that did not exceed $2,000 and their total dollar amount.

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