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(a) A cooperative shall keep as permanent records minutes of all meetings of its members and of the board, a record of all actions taken by the members or the board without a meeting by a written unanimous consent in lieu of a meeting, and a record of all waivers of notices of meetings of the members and of the board.

(b) A cooperative shall maintain appropriate accounting records.

(c) A cooperative shall maintain its records in written form or in another form capable of conversion into written form within a reasonable time.

(d) A cooperative shall keep a copy of each of the following records at its principal office:

(1) its articles and other governing instruments;

(2) its bylaws or other similar instruments;

(3) a record of the names and addresses of its members, in a form that allows preparation of an alphabetical list of members with each member's address;

(4) the minutes of members' meetings, and records of all actions taken by members without a meeting by unanimous written consent in lieu of a meeting, for the past three years;

(5) all written communications within the past three years to members as a group or to any class of members as a group;

(6) a list of the names and business addresses of its current board members and officers;

(7) a copy of its most recent periodic registration delivered to the secretary of state under section 308B.121; and

(8) all financial statements prepared for periods ending during the last fiscal year.

(e) Except as otherwise limited by this chapter, the board of a cooperative shall have discretion to determine what records are appropriate for the purposes of the cooperative, the length of time records are to be retained, and policies relating to the confidentiality, disclosure, inspection, and copying of the records of the cooperative.