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As used in sections 151.43 to 151.51, the following terms have the meanings given in paragraphs (a) to (f):

(a) "Wholesale drug distribution" means distribution of prescription drugs to persons other than a consumer or patient, but does not include:

(1) a sale between a division, subsidiary, parent, affiliated, or related company under the common ownership and control of a corporate entity;

(2) the purchase or other acquisition, by a hospital or other health care entity that is a member of a group purchasing organization, of a drug for its own use from the organization or from other hospitals or health care entities that are members of such organizations;

(3) the sale, purchase, or trade of a drug or an offer to sell, purchase, or trade a drug by a charitable organization described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended through December 31, 1988, to a nonprofit affiliate of the organization to the extent otherwise permitted by law;

(4) the sale, purchase, or trade of a drug or offer to sell, purchase, or trade a drug among hospitals or other health care entities that are under common control;

(5) the sale, purchase, or trade of a drug or offer to sell, purchase, or trade a drug for emergency medical reasons;

(6) the sale, purchase, or trade of a drug, an offer to sell, purchase, or trade a drug, or the dispensing of a drug pursuant to a prescription;

(7) the transfer of prescription drugs by a retail pharmacy to another retail pharmacy to alleviate a temporary shortage;

(8) the distribution of prescription drug samples by manufacturers representatives; or

(9) the sale, purchase, or trade of blood and blood components.

(b) "Wholesale drug distributor" means anyone engaged in wholesale drug distribution including, but not limited to, manufacturers; repackers; own-label distributors; jobbers; brokers; warehouses, including manufacturers' and distributors' warehouses, chain drug warehouses, and wholesale drug warehouses; independent wholesale drug traders; and pharmacies that conduct wholesale drug distribution. A wholesale drug distributor does not include a common carrier or individual hired primarily to transport prescription drugs.

(c) "Manufacturer" means anyone who is engaged in the manufacturing, preparing, propagating, compounding, processing, packaging, repackaging, or labeling of a prescription drug.

(d) "Prescription drug" means a drug required by federal or state law or regulation to be dispensed only by a prescription, including finished dosage forms and active ingredients subject to United States Code, title 21, sections 811 and 812.

(e) "Blood" means whole blood collected from a single donor and processed either for transfusion or further manufacturing.

(f) "Blood components" means that part of blood separated by physical or mechanical means.

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Revisor of Statutes