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Every person not hereinafter excepted from the provisions of this chapter authorized to practice healing in this state shall annually register with the director of the particular board of examiners which examined and registered or licensed the person to practice that branch or system of healing pursued; and shall, at that time, for the purpose of making such registration, sign and send to such director in writing the following: name, the name of the place, and the address, at which the practice of healing is engaged in, and pay to the director each year a fee in an amount to be fixed by rule of the respective board of examiners. Any person who shall change the address or place of practice during the year shall forthwith notify such director in writing of such change, giving such new address or place. The director of each board of examiners shall keep a proper register of all such persons and to each person so registering the proper board shall issue a certificate for the current year, signed by the president and the director and sealed with the seal of such board, setting forth name, the name of the place and the address at which the practice of healing is engaged in, and the branch or system of healing pursued. Any person not hereinafter excepted from the provisions of this chapter lawfully entitled to engage in the practice of healing in this state, and who shall not be currently registered as provided in this section, shall, within 30 days after first so engaging in the practice of healing, register with the proper examining board in the manner provided in this chapter, pay to the director of such board the fee above required, and received from such board a certificate as above prescribed for the balance of such year. Every person receiving a certificate, as herein provided, shall display the same in a conspicuous place in the office or other corresponding place where the practice of healing is pursued.

All fees received by the director of any examining board for registration required by this section shall be paid to the general fund. The expenses of keeping proper registers, furnishing the certificates herein provided for, employing inspectors for procuring evidence of any violation of the laws administered thereby and aiding in the enforcement of such laws, and for such other expenses as may be necessarily paid or incurred in the exercise of its powers or performance of its duties, shall be paid from the appropriation made to the examining board.

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Revisor of Statutes