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Subdivision 1.State or any of its agencies or political subdivisions.

Whenever the state or any of its agencies or political subdivisions thereof is acquiring property for a public purpose and it is determined that a portion or a part of a tract of land is necessary for its particular public purpose and that other portions or parts of the same tract of land or the remainder thereof are needed by another agency or political subdivision of the state for a public purpose, the state or its agencies or political subdivisions desiring such lands or parts thereof may enter into an agreement each with the other for the joint acquisition of such lands by eminent domain proceedings.

Subd. 2.Agreement to state purpose and describe land.

Such agreement shall state the purpose of the land acquisitions and shall describe the particular portion or part of the tract of land desired by each of the public bodies and shall include provisions for the division of the cost of acquisition of such properties and all expenses incurred therein.

Subd. 3.Procedure.

The proceedings in eminent domain for the acquisition of the lands so desired shall be instituted and carried to completion in the names of the parties to the agreement describing the lands each shall acquire but for the purposes of the proceedings and for ascertaining the damages for the taking, the lands so acquired shall be treated as one parcel.


1971 c 595 s 2

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes