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Subdivision 1.Water charge.

The directors of the district are authorized to agree with the holders of district obligations as to the maximum or minimum amounts which the district shall charge and collect for water sold by the district.

Subd. 2.Authority to set prices and make contracts.

The directors of the district are authorized to fix and establish the prices, rates and charges at which any and all services, products, resources and facilities made available under the provisions of sections 110A.01 to 110A.36 shall be sold and disposed of; to enter into any and all contracts and agreements, and to do any and all things which in its judgment are necessary, convenient or expedient for the accomplishment of any and all the purposes and objectives of sections 110A.01 to 110A.36, under the general regulations and upon the terms, limitations and conditions it shall prescribe; and the directors shall enter into contracts and fix and establish prices, rates and charges so as to provide at all times funds which will be sufficient to pay all costs of operation and maintenance of any and all of the works and systems authorized by sections 110A.01 to 110A.36, together with necessary repairs thereto, and which will provide at all times sufficient funds to meet and pay the principal and interest of all obligations and other evidences of indebtedness of the district when due. Nothing in sections 110A.01 to 110A.36 shall authorize any change, alteration or revision of rates, prices or charges established by any contract entered into under authority of sections 110A.01 to 110A.36 except as provided by the contract.

Subd. 3.Default remedies.

Every contract made by the board for the sale, conveyance and distribution of water, use of water, water storage, or other service, or for the sale of any property or facilities, shall provide that in the event of any failure or default in the payment of any money specified in the contract to be paid to the board, the board may, upon notice as shall be prescribed in the contract, terminate the contract and all obligations thereunder. The act of the board in ceasing on a default to furnish or deliver water, use of water, or water storage, under a contract shall not deprive the board of, or limit any remedy provided by the contract or by law for the recovery of money due or which may become due under the contract.


1978 c 744 s 31

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes