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Subdivision 1.Required procedure.

The procedure in this section must be followed if:

(1) a project is to be constructed within the watershed district under an agreement between the managers and the state or federal government and the cost of the project is to be paid for in whole or in part by the state or federal government, but the rights-of-way and the cost of the project are assumed by the watershed district; or

(2) the managers are undertaking all or a portion of the basic water management project as identified in the watershed management plan.

Subd. 2.Board and director reports.

A copy of the project plan must be transmitted to the board and the director. The board and the director must review the project plan and prepare reports on the project. The reports must be transmitted to the managers.

Subd. 3.Project hearing notice.

(a) After receiving the board's and the director's reports, the managers must set a time and location for a hearing on the proposed project.

(b) The project hearing notice must state:

(1) the time and location of the project hearing;

(2) the general nature of the proposed project;

(3) the estimated cost of the proposed project; and

(4) the method by which the cost of the proposed project is to be paid, including the cost to be allocated to each affected municipality or the state government.

(c) The managers must give notice by publication before the date of the hearing in a legal newspaper, published in the counties where property is to be improved by the proposed project. The last publication must occur between 30 days and ten days before the project hearing.

(d) At least ten days before the project hearing, notice by mail must be given to the director and the municipalities entirely or partly within the project area.

(e) Failure to give mailed notice or defects in the notice do not invalidate the proceedings.

Subd. 4.Project hearing.

At the project hearing, the managers must hear all parties interested in the proposed project.

Subd. 5.Establishment order.

After the project hearing, if the managers find that the project will be conducive to public health, will promote the general welfare, and complies with the watershed management plan and the provisions of this chapter, the managers must, by order, establish the project. The establishment order must include the findings of the managers.

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