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Subdivision 1.Jurisdiction retained.

If a notice is required for a hearing or proceeding before the board, managers, or district court, and the board, managers, or court find that proper notice was not given, the board, managers, or court do not lose jurisdiction and the proceedings are not invalid.

Subd. 2.Proper notice to be given.

If the notice was defective, the board, managers, or court shall order proper notice to be given. The board, managers, or court shall continue the hearing until notice is properly given and then proceed as though notice had been properly given in the first instance.

Subd. 3.Defective published notice.

If the original notice was faulty only with reference to publication as to certain tracts, only the persons interested in those particular tracts need be notified by a later notice. If the publication of a notice in a county was defective or not made in time, notice need be given only within the county where notice was defective.