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Subdivision 1.Petition.

(a) Proceedings to enlarge an existing watershed district must be initiated by a petition filed with the board. The required signatures on a petition to enlarge are the same as for an establishment petition, but the percentages must be calculated only with reference to the territory that is proposed to be added to the watershed district. The petition must:

(1) state that the area to be added is contiguous to the existing watershed district;

(2) state that the area can be feasibly administered by the managers of the existing watershed district;

(3) state reasons why adding the area to the existing watershed district would be conducive to the public health and welfare;

(4) include a map of the affected area;

(5) state the name of the proposed enlarged watershed district, if other than that of the existing watershed district; and

(6) state a request for the addition of the proposed territory.

(b) The petition must be served on the board and affected watershed districts, and the board must proceed as prescribed for an establishment petition.

(c) The requirement of notice and public hearings is as prescribed for the establishment petition.

Subd. 2.Board order.

(a) After the hearing, if the board determines that the enlargement of the watershed district as asked for in the petition would be for the public welfare and public interest and the purpose of this chapter would be served, the board shall, by making findings and an order, enlarge the watershed district and file a certified copy of the findings and order with the secretary of state.

(b) The name of the watershed district may be changed by order of the board if requested in the petition to enlarge the watershed district.

Subd. 3.Distribution of managers in enlarged watershed district.

If the enlarged watershed district affects more than one county, the distribution of the managers among the counties affected shall be as directed by the board in the order enlarging the watershed district.