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2000 Minnesota Statutes

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Chapter 611. Rights of Accused

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
611.01Ground of arrest, knowledge.
611.02Presumption of innocence; conviction of lowest degree, when.
611.025Presumption of responsibility.
611.026Criminal responsibility of mentally ill or deficient.
611.033Copy of confession or admission.
611.04Repealed, 1979 c 233 s 42
611.05Continuance; effect; bail.
611.06Defendant entitled to blank subpoenas.
611.07Repealed, 1989 c 335 art 1 s 270; art 3 s 57
611.071Repealed, 1989 c 335 art 1 s 270; art 3 s 57
611.08Repealed, 1979 c 233 s 42
611.09Repealed, 1963 c 753 art 2 s 17
611.10Repealed, 1963 c 753 art 2 s 17
611.11No presumption from failure to testify.
611.12Repealed, 1989 c 335 art 3 s 57 subd 2
611.13Repealed, 1969 c 838 s 7
611.14Right to representation by public defender.
611.15Notification of right to representation.
611.16Request for appointment of public defender.
611.17Financial inquiry; statements.
611.18Appointment of public defender.
611.19Waiver of appointment of counsel.
611.20Subsequent ability to pay counsel.
611.21Services other than counsel.
611.214Repealed, 1989 c 335 art 3 s 57 subd 2
611.215State board of public defense created.
611.216Criminal and juvenile defense grants.
611.22Repealed, 1987 c 250 s 20
611.23Office of state public defender; appointment; salary.
611.24Organization of office; assistants.
611.25Powers; duties; limitations.
611.26District public defenders.
611.261Repealed, 1991 c 345 art 3 s 30
611.262Representation before appointment.
611.263Employer; Ramsey, Hennepin defenders.
611.27Financing the offices of district public defender.
611.271Copies of documents; fees.
611.272Access to government data.
611.28Repealed, 1991 c 345 art 3 s 30
611.29Repealed, 1991 c 345 art 3 s 30
611.30Right to interpreter, state policy.
611.31Handicapped person.
611.32Proceedings where interpreter appointed.
611.33Qualified interpreter.
611.34Applicability to all courts.
611.35Reimbursement of public defender and appointive counsel.

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