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2013 Minnesota Statutes

Chapter 245D. Home and Community-based Services Standards

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
245D.03Applicability and Effect
245D.04Service Recipient Rights
245D.05Health Services
245D.051Psychotropic Medication Use and Monitoring
245D.06Protection Standards
245D.061Emergency Use of Manual Restraints
245D.07Service Planning and Delivery
245D.071Service Planning and Delivery; Intensive Support Services
245D.08Repealed, 2013 c 108 art 8 s 61
245D.081Program Coordination, Evaluation, and Oversight
245D.09Staffing Standards
245D.091Intervention Services
245D.095Record Requirements
245D.10Policies and Procedures
245D.11Policies and Procedures; Intensive Support Services
245D.21Facility Licensure Requirements and Application Process
245D.22Facility Sanitation and Health
245D.23Community Residential Settings; Satellite Licensure Requirements and Application Process
245D.24Community Residential Settings; Physical Plant and Environment
245D.25Community Residential Settings; Food and Water
245D.26Community Residential Settings; Sanitation and Health
245D.27Day Services Facilities; Satellite Licensure Requirements and Application Process
245D.28Day Services Facilities; Physical Plant and Space Requirements
245D.29Day Services Facilities; Health and Safety Requirements
245D.31Day Services Facilities; Staff Ratio and Facility Coverage
245D.32Alternative Licensing Inspections
245D.33Adult Mental Health Certification Standards

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