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2009 Minnesota Statutes

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Chapter 134. Public Libraries; Multicounty, Multitype Libraries

Chapter Sections
Section Headnote
134.0001134.0001 MS 2006 Renumbered 15.001
134.01Renumbered 123.60
134.02Renumbered 123.601
134.03Repealed, 1983 c 314 art 11 s 21
134.035Repealed, 1978 c 546 s 8
134.04Renumbered 121.496
134.05Repealed, 1963 c 10 s 1
134.06Repealed, 1983 c 314 art 11 s 21
134.07Public Library Service
134.08Establishing and Discontinuing Library Service; Applicability of Law
134.09Library Boards
134.10Board Vacancies; Compensation
134.11Organization of Board; Duties
134.12Benefits of Library
134.13Annual Report
134.14Title to Property; Free Use
134.155Repealed, 1999 c 241 art 8 s 5
134.16Repealed, 1983 c 314 art 11 s 21
134.17Repealed, 1965 c 45 s 73
134.18Privileges Extended to Counties and Statutory Cities
134.19Repealed, 1983 c 314 art 11 s 21
134.195Library Operated by City and School District
134.20Regional Public Library Systems
134.201Regional Library District
134.21Interstate Library Compact
134.22Compact Administrator
134.24Enforcement of Compact
134.30Renumbered 134.001
134.31Department of Education; Library Responsibilities
134.32Grant Authorization; Types of Grants
134.33Subdivisions renumbered, repealed, or no longer in effect
134.34Regional Library Basic System Support Grants; Requirements
134.341County Financial Support
134.342Allocation of Levy Authority
134.35Subdivisions renumbered, repealed, or no longer in effect
134.351Multicounty, Multitype Library Systems
134.352Repealed, 1983 c 314 art 11 s 21
134.353Multicounty, Multitype Library System Development Grant
134.354Multicounty, Multitype Library System Operating Grant
134.355Basic Regional Library System; Support
134.40Protection of Library Material
134.41Library Construction; Joint Financing
134.45Library Accessibility and Improvement Grants
134.46Repealed, 1Sp1997 c 4 art 9 s 13
134.47Subdivisions renumbered, repealed, or no longer in effect
134.50Internet Access; Libraries

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