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The board of trustees of a cemetery association organized under state law that has established and is maintaining a public cemetery in this state may, by resolution adopted by at least a two-thirds vote of its members at any authorized meeting of the board, amend its certificate or articles of incorporation in any or all of the following particulars:

(1) by providing for a board of associates, the number composing the board, the time and manner of their election and by whom they are elected, their term of office, their powers and duties and for the division of the board into classes, if desired, concerning the time for which the trustees hold office;

(2) by specifying the names and addresses of the members of the first board of associates and their term of office;

(3) by providing that the management of the affairs of the association may be vested in a board of not more than nine trustees, and that the trustees may be divided into classes concerning the time for which the trustees hold office, or that only one trustee need be elected each year;

(4) by providing the time and manner of election of the trustees and specifying whether the trustees are to be elected by the owners of lots in the cemetery of the association, either from among themselves or from among the board of associates, by the existing trustees from among lot owners or from among a board of associates, or by the board of associates from their own number or from the retiring trustees;

(5) by providing that a vacancy in the board of trustees, caused by death, resignation, or otherwise, may be filled by the board of trustees for the unexpired term;

(6) by specifying the names and addresses of the first board of trustees and the time for which each member holds office;

(7) by providing that the trustees may elect officers of the association and that the duties of the officers may be defined by the bylaws;

(8) by providing that the trustees may adopt bylaws and rules and regulations concerning the cemetery of the association;

(9) by providing that the duration of the association is perpetual or for a fixed period of time;

(10) by any other lawful provision defining and regulating the power or business of the association and the powers and duties of its officers, trustees, associates, and lot owners.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes