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Subdivision 1.Public rate filing.

Every public utility shall file with the commission schedules showing all rates, tolls, tariffs, and charges which it has established and which are in force at the time for any service performed by it within the state, or for any service in connection therewith or performed by any public utility controlled or operated by it.

Subd. 2.Schedule and rules filing.

Every public utility shall file with and as a part of the filings under subdivision 1, all rules that, in the judgment of the commission, in any manner affect the service or product, or the rates charged or to be charged for any service or product, as well as any contracts, agreements, or arrangements relating to the service or product or the rates to be charged for any service or product to which the schedule is applicable as the commission may by general or special order direct; provided that contracts and agreements for electric service must be filed as required by subdivision 2a.

Subd. 2a.Electric service contract.

A contract for electric service entered into between a public utility and one of its customers, in which the public utility and the customer agree to customer-specific rates, terms, or service conditions not already contained in the approved schedules, tariffs, or rules of the utility, must be filed for approval by the commission pursuant to the commission's rules of practice. Contracts between public utilities and customers that are necessitated by specific statutes in this chapter must be filed for approval under those statutes and any rules adopted by the commission pursuant to those statutes.

Subd. 3.Public inspection.

Every public utility shall keep copies of the filings under subdivisions 1, 2, and 2a open to public inspection under rules as the commission may prescribe.

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