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Subdivision 1.Detention.

Before July 1, 1999, and pursuant to a request from an eight-day temporary holdover facility, as defined in Minnesota Statutes 1998, section 241.0221, the commissioner of corrections, or the commissioner's designee, may grant a onetime extension per child to the eight-day limit on detention under this chapter. This extension may allow such a facility to detain a child for up to 30 days including weekends and holidays. Upon the expiration of the extension, the child may not be transferred to another eight-day temporary holdover facility. The commissioner shall develop criteria for granting extensions under this section. These criteria must ensure that the child be transferred to a long-term juvenile detention facility as soon as such a transfer is possible. Nothing in this section changes the requirements in section 260B.178 regarding the necessity of detention hearings to determine whether continued detention of the child is proper.

Subd. 2.Continued detention.

(a) A delay not to exceed 48 hours may be made if the facility in which the child is detained is located where conditions of distance to be traveled or other ground transportation do not allow for court appearances within 24 hours.

(b) A delay may be made if the facility is located where conditions of safety exist. Time for an appearance may be delayed until 24 hours after the time that conditions allow for reasonably safe travel. "Conditions of safety" include adverse life-threatening weather conditions that do not allow for reasonably safe travel.

(c) The continued detention of a child under paragraph (a) or (b) must be reported to the commissioner of corrections.

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