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The term "practicing healing" or "practice of healing" shall mean and include any person who shall in any manner for any fee, gift, compensation, or reward, or in expectation thereof, engage in, or hold out to the public as being engaged in, the practice of medicine or surgery, the practice of osteopathic medicine, the practice of chiropractic, the practice of any legalized method of healing, or the diagnosis, analysis, treatment, correction, or cure of any disease, injury, defect, deformity, infirmity, ailment, or affliction of human beings, or any condition or conditions incident to pregnancy or childbirth, or examination into the fact, condition, or cause of human health or disease, or who shall, for any fee, gift, compensation, or reward, or in expectation thereof, suggest, recommend, or prescribe any medicine or any form of treatment, correction, or cure thereof; also any person, or persons, individually or collectively, who maintains an office for the reception, examination, diagnosis, or treatment of any person for any disease, injury, defect, deformity, or infirmity of body or mind, or who attaches the title of doctor, physician, surgeon, specialist, M.D., M.B., D.O., D.C., or any other word, abbreviation, or title to the person's name indicating, or designed to indicate, that the person is engaged in the practice of healing.

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