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An officer or other person charged by law with the preparation of any jury list, or list of names from which a jury is to be drawn, and a person authorized by law to assist at the drawing or impaneling of a grand or petit jury to attend a court or term of court, or to try any cause or issue, who:

(1) places on a list a name at the request or solicitation, direct or indirect, of a person;

(2) purposely puts upon a list of jurors, as having been drawn, a name that was not lawfully drawn for that purpose;

(3) purposely omits to place on a list a name that was lawfully drawn;

(4) purposely signs or certifies a list of jurors as having been drawn, that was not lawfully drawn;

(5) purposely withdraws from the box or other receptacle for the ballots containing the names of the jurors any paper or ballot lawfully placed or belonging there, and containing the name of a person not lawfully drawn and designated as a juror; or

(6) in drawing or impaneling the jury, does an act that is partial, or improper in any other respect, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes