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Subdivision 1.Procedure.

The commanding officer of a company receiving clothing or equipment for the use of the command shall distribute the same to the members of the command, taking receipts and requiring the return of each article at such time and place as the commanding officer shall direct.

Subd. 2.Payment for lost items.

Legal fines or forfeitures and the value of any articles of uniform, arms or equipment, whether state or federal, issued to any officer or enlisted member which is not returned on demand by proper authority and for the loss of or damage to which the officer or member has been held responsible by a report of survey or other proper proceeding, shall be deducted from such officer's or enlisted member's pay in the manner provided for in federal or state orders or regulations. Deduction from federal pay and allowances may only be made in the manner prescribed by federal law or regulation.


(2438) 1921 c 506 s 44; 1947 c 125 s 9; 1986 c 444