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Subdivision 1.Notice and damages to be paid.

A contractor must not terminate or cancel a contract that requires a producer of agricultural commodities to make a capital investment in buildings or equipment that cost $100,000 or more and have a useful life of five or more years until:

(1) the producer has been given written notice of the intention to terminate or cancel the contract at least 180 days before the effective date of the termination or cancellation or as provided in subdivision 3; and

(2) the producer has been reimbursed for damages incurred by an investment in buildings or equipment that was made for the purpose of meeting minimum requirements of the contract.

Subd. 2.Notice when producer breaches contract.

Except as provided in subdivision 3, if a producer fails to comply with the provisions of a contract that requires a capital investment subject to subdivision 1, a contractor may not terminate or cancel that contract until:

(1) the contractor has given written notice with all the reasons for the termination or cancellation at least 90 days before termination or cancellation or as provided in subdivision 3; and

(2) the recipient of the notice fails to correct the reasons stated for termination or cancellation in the notice within 60 days of receipt of the notice.

Subd. 3.Immediate effect of notice.

The 180-day notice period under subdivision 1, clause (1), and the 90-day notice period and 60-day notice period under subdivision 2, clauses (1) and (2), are waived and the contract may be canceled or terminated immediately if the alleged grounds for termination or cancellation are:

(1) voluntary abandonment of the contract relationship by the producer; or

(2) conviction of the producer of an offense directly related to the business conducted under the contract.


1990 c 517 s 3

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes