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Subdivision 1.Certificate of inspection.

A salvage certificate of title authorizes the holder to possess, transport, and transfer ownership in a vehicle. A salvage certificate of title does not authorize the holder to register a vehicle. A certificate of title must not be issued for a vehicle for which a salvage certificate of title has been issued unless a certification of inspection in the form and content specified by the department accompanies the application for a certificate of title.

Subd. 1a.Duties of salvage vehicle purchaser.

No salvage vehicle purchaser shall possess or retain a salvage vehicle which does not have a salvage certificate of title. The salvage vehicle purchaser shall display the salvage certificate of title upon the request of any appropriate public authority.

Subd. 2.Inspection fee; proceeds allocated.

(a) A fee of $35 must be paid to the department before the department issues a certificate of title for a vehicle that has been inspected and for which a certificate of inspection has been issued pursuant to subdivision 1. The only additional fee that may be assessed for issuing the certificate of title is the filing fee imposed under section 168.33, subdivision 7.

(b) Of the fee collected by the department under this subdivision, for conducting inspections under subdivision 1, $20 must be deposited in the general fund and the remainder of the fee collected must be deposited in the vehicle services operating account in the special revenue fund as specified in section 299A.705.