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Each of the following constitutes a misdemeanor:

(1) The violation of any of the provisions of section 154.01;

(2) Permitting any person in one's employ, supervision, or control to practice as a registered barber unless that person has a certificate of registration as a registered barber;

(3) Obtaining or attempting to obtain a certificate of registration for money other than the required fee, or any other thing of value, or by fraudulent misrepresentation;

(4) Practicing or attempting to practice by fraudulent misrepresentation;

(5) The willful failure to display a certificate of registration as required by section 154.14;

(6) The use of any room or place for barbering which is also used for residential or business purposes, except the sale of hair tonics, lotions, creams, cutlery, toilet articles, cigars, tobacco, candies in original package, and such commodities as are used and sold in barber shops, and except that shoeshining and an agency for the reception and delivery of laundry, or either, may be conducted in a barber shop without the same being construed as a violation of this section, unless a substantial partition of ceiling height separates the portion used for residential or business purposes, and where a barber shop is situated in a residence, poolroom, confectionery, store, restaurant, garage, clothing store, liquor store, hardware store, or soft drink parlor, there must be an outside entrance leading into the barber shop independent of any entrance leading into such business establishment, except that this provision as to an outside entrance shall not apply to barber shops in operation at the time of the passage of this section and except that a barber shop and cosmetology salon may be operated in conjunction, without the same being separated by partition of ceiling height;

(7) The failure or refusal of any barber or other person in charge of any barber shop, or any person in barber schools or colleges doing barber service work, to use separate and clean towels for each customer or patron, or to discard and launder each towel after once being used;

(8) The failure or refusal by any barber or other person in charge of any barber shop or barber school or barber college to supply clean hot and cold water in such quantities as may be necessary to conduct such shop, or the barbering service of such school or college, in a sanitary manner, or the failure or refusal of any such person to have water and sewer connections from such shop, or barber school or college, with municipal water and sewer systems where the latter are available for use, or the failure or refusal of any such person to maintain a receptacle for hot water of a capacity of not less than five gallons;

(9) For the purposes of this section, barbers, students, or the proprietor or manager of a barber shop, or barber school or barber college, shall be responsible for all violations of the sanitation and disinfection provisions of this section. If any barber workstation in any barber shop, or barber school or barber college, upon inspection, shall be found to be in an unsanitary condition, the person making such inspection shall immediately issue an order to place the barber shop, or barber school, or barber college, in a sanitary condition, in a manner and within a time satisfactory to the Board of Barber Examiners, and for the failure to comply with such order the board shall immediately file a complaint for the arrest of the persons upon whom the order was issued, and any registered barber who shall fail to comply with the rules adopted by the Board of Barber Examiners, with the approval of the state commissioner of health, or the violation or commission of any of the offenses described in this section and section 154.161, subdivision 4, paragraph (a), clauses (1), (3), and (4) to (12), shall be fined not less than $10 or imprisoned for ten days and not more than $100 or imprisoned for 90 days.

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Revisor of Statutes