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Subdivision 1.Access to data on licensee.

When the board has probable cause to believe that a licensee's condition meets a ground listed in section 150A.08, subdivision 1, clause (4) or (8), it may, notwithstanding sections 13.384, 144.651, or any other law limiting access to medical data, obtain medical or health records on the licensee without the licensee's consent. The medical data may be requested from a provider, as defined in section 144.291, subdivision 2, paragraph (h), an insurance company, or a government agency. A provider, insurance company, or government agency shall comply with a written request of the board under this subdivision and is not liable in any action for damages for releasing the data requested by the board if the data are released under the written request, unless the information is false and the entity providing the information knew, or had reason to believe, the information was false.

Subd. 2.Access to data on patients.

The board has access to medical records of a patient treated by a licensee under review if the patient signs a written consent permitting access. If the patient has not given consent, the licensee must delete data from which a patient may be identified before releasing medical records to the board.

Subd. 3.Data classification; release of certain health data not required.

Information obtained under this section is classified as private data on individuals under chapter 13. Under this section, the commissioner of health is not required to release health data collected and maintained under section 13.3805, subdivision 2.

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