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(a) The commissioner of human services shall provide reimbursement to an adoptive parent for costs incurred in an adoption of a child with special needs according to section 259A.10, subdivision 2. Reimbursement shall be made for expenses that are reasonable and necessary for the adoption to occur, subject to a maximum of $2,000. The expenses must directly relate to the legal adoption of the child, must not be incurred in violation of state or federal law, and must not have been reimbursed from other sources or funds.

(b) Children who have special needs but are not citizens or residents of the United States and were either adopted in another country or brought to this country for the purposes of adoption are categorically ineligible for this reimbursement program, except if the child meets the eligibility criteria after the dissolution of the international adoption.

(c) An adoptive parent, in consultation with the responsible child-placing agency, may request reimbursement of nonrecurring adoption expenses by submitting a complete application, according to the requirements and procedures and on forms prescribed by the commissioner.

(d) The commissioner shall determine the child's eligibility for adoption expense reimbursement under title IV-E of the Social Security Act, United States Code, title 42, sections 670 to 676. If determined eligible, the commissioner of human services shall sign the agreement for nonrecurring adoption expense reimbursement, making this a fully executed agreement. To be eligible, the agreement must be fully executed prior to the child's adoption finalization.

(e) An adoptive parent who has an adoption assistance agreement under section 259A.15, subdivision 2, is not required to make a separate application for reimbursement of nonrecurring adoption expenses for the child who is the subject of that agreement.

(f) If determined eligible, the adoptive parent shall submit reimbursement requests within 21 months of the date of the child's adoption decree, and according to requirements and procedures prescribed by the commissioner.

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