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Subdivision 1.Policy and procedure requirements.

A license holder providing either basic or intensive supports and services must establish, enforce, and maintain policies and procedures as required in this chapter, chapter 245A, and other applicable state and federal laws and regulations governing the provision of home and community-based services licensed according to this chapter.

Subd. 2.Grievances.

The license holder must establish policies and procedures that promote service recipient rights by providing a simple complaint process for persons served by the program and their authorized representatives to bring a grievance that:

(1) provides staff assistance with the complaint process when requested, and the addresses and telephone numbers of outside agencies to assist the person;

(2) allows the person to bring the complaint to the highest level of authority in the program if the grievance cannot be resolved by other staff members, and that provides the name, address, and telephone number of that person;

(3) requires the license holder to promptly respond to all complaints affecting a person's health and safety. For all other complaints, the license holder must provide an initial response within 14 calendar days of receipt of the complaint. All complaints must be resolved within 30 calendar days of receipt or the license holder must document the reason for the delay and a plan for resolution;

(4) requires a complaint review that includes an evaluation of whether:

(i) related policies and procedures were followed and adequate;

(ii) there is a need for additional staff training;

(iii) the complaint is similar to past complaints with the persons, staff, or services involved; and

(iv) there is a need for corrective action by the license holder to protect the health and safety of persons receiving services;

(5) based on the review in clause (4), requires the license holder to develop, document, and implement a corrective action plan designed to correct current lapses and prevent future lapses in performance by staff or the license holder, if any;

(6) provides a written summary of the complaint and a notice of the complaint resolution to the person and case manager that:

(i) identifies the nature of the complaint and the date it was received;

(ii) includes the results of the complaint review;

(iii) identifies the complaint resolution, including any corrective action; and

(7) requires that the complaint summary and resolution notice be maintained in the service recipient record.

Subd. 3.Service suspension and service termination.

(a) The license holder must establish policies and procedures for temporary service suspension and service termination that promote continuity of care and service coordination with the person and the case manager and with other licensed caregivers, if any, who also provide support to the person.

(b) The policy must include the following requirements:

(1) the license holder must notify the person or the person's legal representative and case manager in writing of the intended termination or temporary service suspension, and the person's right to seek a temporary order staying the termination of service according to the procedures in section 256.045, subdivision 4a, or 6, paragraph (c);

(2) notice of the proposed termination of services, including those situations that began with a temporary service suspension, must be given at least 60 days before the proposed termination is to become effective when a license holder is providing intensive supports and services identified in section 245D.03, subdivision 1, paragraph (c), and 30 days prior to termination for all other services licensed under this chapter;

(3) the license holder must provide information requested by the person or case manager when services are temporarily suspended or upon notice of termination;

(4) prior to giving notice of service termination or temporary service suspension, the license holder must document actions taken to minimize or eliminate the need for service suspension or termination;

(5) during the temporary service suspension or service termination notice period, the license holder will work with the appropriate county agency to develop reasonable alternatives to protect the person and others;

(6) the license holder must maintain information about the service suspension or termination, including the written termination notice, in the service recipient record; and

(7) the license holder must restrict temporary service suspension to situations in which the person's conduct poses an imminent risk of physical harm to self or others and less restrictive or positive support strategies would not achieve safety.

Subd. 4.Availability of current written policies and procedures.

(a) The license holder must review and update, as needed, the written policies and procedures required under this chapter.

(b) (1) The license holder must inform the person and case manager of the policies and procedures affecting a person's rights under section 245D.04, and provide copies of those policies and procedures, within five working days of service initiation.

(2) If a license holder only provides basic services and supports, this includes the:

(i) grievance policy and procedure required under subdivision 2; and

(ii) service suspension and termination policy and procedure required under subdivision 3.

(3) For all other license holders this includes the:

(i) policies and procedures in clause (2);

(ii) emergency use of manual restraints policy and procedure required under section 245D.061, subdivision 10; and

(iii) data privacy requirements under section 245D.11, subdivision 3.

(c) The license holder must provide a written notice to all persons or their legal representatives and case managers at least 30 days before implementing any procedural revisions to policies affecting a person's service-related or protection-related rights under section 245D.04 and maltreatment reporting policies and procedures. The notice must explain the revision that was made and include a copy of the revised policy and procedure. The license holder must document the reasonable cause for not providing the notice at least 30 days before implementing the revisions.

(d) Before implementing revisions to required policies and procedures, the license holder must inform all employees of the revisions and provide training on implementation of the revised policies and procedures.

(e) The license holder must annually notify all persons, or their legal representatives, and case managers of any procedural revisions to policies required under this chapter, other than those in paragraph (c). Upon request, the license holder must provide the person, or the person's legal representative, and case manager with copies of the revised policies and procedures.

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