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Subdivision 1.Investigation.

Each board shall maintain and keep current a file containing the reports and complaints filed against licensees within the board's jurisdiction. Each complaint filed with a board pursuant to section 214.10, subdivision 1, must be investigated according to section 214.10, subdivision 2. If the files maintained by a board show that a malpractice settlement or award to the plaintiff has been made against a licensee as reported by insurers under section 148B.07, the executive director of the board shall notify the board and the board may authorize a review of the provider's practice.

Subd. 2.Attorney general investigates.

When a board initiates a review of a licensee's practice it shall notify the attorney general who shall investigate the matter in the same manner as provided in section 214.10. If an investigation is to be made, the attorney general shall notify the licensee, and, if the incident being investigated occurred there, the administrator and chief of staff at the health care facilities or clinics in which the professional serves, if applicable.

Subd. 3.Access to records.

The board shall be allowed access to records of a client treated by the licensee under review if the client signs a written consent permitting access. If no consent form has been signed, the hospital, clinic, or licensee shall first delete data in the record that identifies the client before providing it to the board.

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