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An occupational therapist shall:

(1) collect information necessary to ensure that the provision of occupational therapy services are consistent with the client's physical and mental health status. The information required to make this determination may include, but is not limited to, contacting the client's licensed health care professional for health history, current health status, current medications, and precautions;

(2) modify or terminate occupational therapy treatment of a client that is not beneficial to the client, not tolerated by the client, or refused by the client, and if treatment was terminated for a medical reason, notify the client's licensed health care professional by correspondence postmarked or delivered to the licensed health care professional within seven calendar days of the termination of treatment;

(3) refer a client to an appropriate health care, social service, or education practitioner if the client's condition requires services not within the occupational therapist's service competency or not within the practice of occupational therapy generally;

(4) participate and cooperate in the coordination of occupational therapy services with other related services, as a member of the professional community serving the client; and

(5) communicate, in writing, with the appropriate licensed health care professional an occupational therapy plan of care, postmarked or delivered to the licensed health care professional within 14 calendar days of the initiation of treatment. The occupational therapist must provide this written communication even if occupational therapy treatment is concluded in less than 14 consecutive days. The occupational therapist shall document modifications to the plan of care requested by the licensed health care professional following consultation with the licensed health care professional. Occupational therapists employed by a school system are exempt from the requirements of this clause in the performance of their duties within the school system.


2000 c 361 s 17

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes