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Subdivision 1.Payment made from drainage system account.

The costs for a drainage project proceeding and construction must be paid from the drainage system account by drawing on the account.

Subd. 2.Insufficient funds; transfer from other accounts.

If money is not available in the drainage system account on which the warrant is drawn, the board may, by unanimous resolution, transfer funds from any other drainage system account under its jurisdiction or from the county general revenue fund to the drainage system account. If the board transfers money from another account or fund to a drainage system account, the money plus interest must be reimbursed from the proceeds of the drainage system that received the transfer. The interest must be computed for the time the money is actually needed at the same rate per year charged on drainage liens and assessments.

Subd. 3.Warrant on account with insufficient funds; interest on warrant.

If a warrant is issued by the auditor under this chapter and there is not enough money in the drainage system account to pay the warrant when it is presented, the county treasurer shall endorse the warrant "Not paid for want of funds" with the date and treasurer's signature. Interest on the warrant must be at the rate of six percent per year and paid annually from available funds until the warrant is called in and paid by the treasurer. Interest may not be paid on a warrant after money is available to the treasurer to pay the warrants. The warrant is a general obligation of the county issuing the warrant.