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Subdivision 1.City.

In this section, "city" means a home rule charter or statutory city.

Subd. 2.Inflow and infiltration.

In this section, "inflow and infiltration" means water other than wastewater that enters a sanitary sewer system, including sewer service connections, from the ground through defective pipes, pipe joints, connections, or manholes, or from sources such as, but not limited to, roof borders, cellar drains, yard drains, area drains, drains from springs and swampy areas, manhole covers, cross connections between storm sewers, catch basins, cooling towers, storm waters, surface runoff, street wastewaters, or drainage.

Subd. 3.Program authority.

A city may establish an inflow and infiltration prevention program and provide loans and grants to property owners to assist the owners in financing the cost of abating inflow and infiltration on their property.

Subd. 4.Program guidelines.

The city shall establish guidelines to govern the program. The guidelines shall establish criteria for program eligibility and standards for compliance with the program. Prior to adoption of the program guidelines, the city council must conduct a public hearing on the proposed guidelines after giving at least ten days' published notice of the hearing.

Subd. 5.Program financing.

The city may finance the program with federal, state, private, or city funds. City funds include, but are not limited to, general fund appropriations, sanitary or storm sewer utility funds, and fees or charges.


1996 c 317 s 1