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Subdivision 1.Authorization.

In addition to the authority conferred in sections 383B.211 to 383B.229 to provide health and medical care, the county board may provide general or special medical care, service and treatment at health centers and clinics within the county.

Subd. 2.Organization and management.

With the advice and assistance of persons to whom health, medical and hospital administrative authority has been delegated by the county administrator, the county administrator, subject to approval of the county board, shall establish bylaws, rules and regulations for the organization and management of health centers and clinics. The county administrator may incorporate the bylaws, rules and regulations of the medical center as deemed appropriate and shall make the bylaws, rules and regulations as uniform as practicable. The county administrator may delegate to a person or persons the duties and powers necessary to assist in the management of ambulatory health centers and clinics.

Subd. 3.Licensed professional staff.

Section 383B.34, subdivision 4, applies to this section.

Subd. 4.Facilities.

The county board may acquire, by purchase, gift or condemnation, or may lease, the property necessary, for the provision of ambulatory health center and clinical services as required under sections 383B.211 to 383B.229.

Subd. 5.Purchases.

Contracting and purchasing made on behalf of health centers and clinics of goods, materials, supplies and equipment and contracted services shall comply with sections 383B.41 to 383B.51.

Subd. 6.Funds.

The county may finance the medical care, service and treatment at health centers and clinics from the general revenue fund and other sources as authorized by law, or as authorized by the county board.


1981 c 91 s 5