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Subdivision 1.Court proceedings.

In the event grain is sold or offered for sale for the purpose of human, animal, or poultry consumption, which contains toxic chemicals in sufficient quantities to be harmful to humans, animals, or poultry, the district court of the judicial district in which the grain is found may, upon complaint and showing made by the commissioner of agriculture, order said grain to be seized. In the event the court finds that the grain is subject to seizure, it shall order the grain to be sold or otherwise disposed of for purposes other than human, animal, or poultry consumption. To this end the court may require the grain to be specially labeled, dyed, or otherwise altered in appearance. Upon application of the owner or any other person interested in the grain, the court shall permit such person at the person's own expense to recondition said grain and if, after reconditioning, it appears to the satisfaction of the court that the toxic chemicals have been removed so that the grain is no longer harmful to humans, animals, or poultry, the court then shall release the grain.

Subd. 2.Right to sample and copy of analysis.

The court at any time after seizure and up to a reasonable time before trial shall allow any interested party, or the party's attorney or agent, to obtain a representative sample of the grain seized and a true copy of the analysis on which the seizure is based.


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