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(a) An agent, broker, or insurer shall not recommend the replacement or conservation of an existing policy or contract by use of a substantially inaccurate presentation or comparison of an existing policy's or contract's premiums and benefits or dividends and values, if any. An insurer, agent, representative, officer, or employee of the insurer failing to comply with the requirements of sections 61A.53 to 61A.60 is subject to such penalties as may be appropriate under this chapter.

(b) Patterns of action by policyholders or contract holders who purchase replacing policies or contracts from the same agent or broker, after indicating on applications that replacement is not involved, are prima facie evidence of the agent's or broker's knowledge that replacement was intended in connection with the sale of those policies, and the patterns of action are prima facie evidence of the agent's or broker's intent to violate sections 61A.53 to 61A.60.

(c) Sections 61A.53 to 61A.60 do not prohibit the use of additional material other than that which is required that does not violate those sections or any other statute or rule.

(d) Compliance by an insurer, agent, or broker with sections 61A.53 to 61A.60 does not limit any cause of action or other remedies that the insured may otherwise have against an insurer, agent, or broker. In a proceeding in which the insured's knowledge or understanding is an issue, compliance with those sections may be admitted as evidence on that issue, but shall not be conclusive.

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