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259.45 MS 1992 [Renumbered 259.75]


Subdivision 1.Audit.

If the commissioner or attorney general has good cause to believe that a child-placing agency has violated section 259.37, subdivision 1, 259.55, 317A.907, or any other applicable law dealing with fees, payments, accounts, or financial disclosure by a child-placing agency, the commissioner or the attorney general may seek a court order requiring a financial audit of the agency, at the agency's expense, by an auditor chosen by the commissioner or attorney general.

Subd. 2.Civil action.

A court may grant equitable or monetary relief that is just and reasonable in the circumstances or may dissolve an adoption agency and liquidate its assets if the assets of the agency are being misapplied or wasted. The attorney general or the commissioner may bring an action in district court if the directors or those in control of the agency have misapplied or wasted assets of the agency or have acted fraudulently, illegally, or in a manner unfairly prejudicial toward a client of the agency in the capacity of a director or one in control of the agency.


1994 c 631 s 21,31

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Revisor of Statutes