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Certificates must be upon forms prepared and furnished by the department and contain:

(1) the date and consecutive number of the certificate;

(2) a particular description of the receptacle in which the grain is stored and of the premises on which it is located;

(3) a description of the grain as required by rules made under this chapter;

(4) the name of the owner or owners, whether ownership is sole, joint, or in trust, and in case of tenants, the date of the expiration of the lease;

(5) a statement that no other certificates are outstanding on the grain represented by the certificate;

(6) a statement whether grain will be delivered to the bearer, to a specified person, or to a specified person or the person's order, and at what place it will be delivered;

(7) a facsimile signature of each of the members of the department and the counter signature of the sealer;

(8) a statement of loans or other indebtedness that in any manner constitutes a lien, whether statutory or contractual, including a mortgage or landlord's lien upon the grain; and

(9) the form of waivers of liens.